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Fresh air circulating is a healthier environment whether it’s at your home or your office space. Cleaner air reduces the risk of getting sick, mould / dampness and respiratory issues. A warmer, drier and healthier space is always a better option.

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Commercial Ventilation Systems

The Importance of Maintaining Your Ventilation System

In any commercial building, the ventilation systems have a list of important tasks to get through to keep everything inside the building running smoothly. The HVAC system in a building relies on the commercial ventilation systems as it is the main channel that helps the transportation of cool or heated air to any room.

The air quality inside the building is protected with the help of commercial ventilation. And the air inside a building is circulated by the ventilation system to make sure it doesn’t get stuffy.

If the ventilation installation is not done properly or if it’s not up to the standard, everyone inside the building would be squirming from discomfort. In fact, if commercial ventilation maintenance isn’t done periodically, your ventilation system could be deeply damaged. It could result in the wrong airflow inside the building. The workers, clients, customers, everyone would feel uncomfortable and experience a drop in energy due to inefficient airflow.

So, ventilation maintenance isn’t a choice as much as it is a necessity. As such, let’s take a look at key things you should be aware of when it comes to commercial ventilation installation.

The Ductwork

The air quality inside your commercial building requires special protection. Buildings these days have an air sealing that’s quite firm and heavy. While this makes sure the heating and cooling occurring inside of a building through the HVAC system are far more efficient, it is impossible for fresh air to enter the building.


Now, if you add damaged ductwork to the mix, it will be quickly contaminated and before you know, the entire workspace is inhaling the spoiled air. If you notice that the ventilation system is no longer working properly because of a damaged duct or faulty installation, it’s probably time that you replace the old system.

Repairing or Replacing Your Ventilation System

Compared to the ventilation systems you see in your home; a commercial ventilation system is far more complex. A residential one has a HVAC system to accompany along with a single fan at best. The commercial one is a blend of way more equipment. For them, your regular contractors simply won’t do. They won’t be able to grasp the workings of the system and might damage it further. What you need to do is turn to professionals.

When you are looking for someone to repair and replace your ventilation system, you should only call those who have the required expertise to deal with commercial ventilation. On that note, it is also best if you have a professional contractor at hand who would check up on your ventilation system quite often. If you wait too long and your ventilation system gets damaged, you will end up spending a lot of money on repairs

Alternatively, letting someone check up on it from time to time would certainly cost less. This way, there is also a lesser chance of any major equipment being damaged, replacing which would have cost you a lot. Plus, just think of the people in your residential building or commercial premises.

Do you really want them to go through days of poor air flow and become lethargic and less enthusiastic about work? Do you want to hamper your productivity because your ventilation system is being repaired for days on end? Do you want customers to enter the building and leave dissatisfied because they could not even focus on the meeting but rather got distracted by the visibly stale air? It is always a good idea to get your commercial ventilation systems checked as often as possible to delay any major breakdown.

Air Leaks in Your Ventilation System

Your ventilation system might have the smallest air leak. It might be practically nothing but that could be enough to damage the efficiency of the HVAC system. 

For heating and cooling to take place in commercial capacity, a huge amount of energy is used. The power required for it is something you don’t want to go to waste, even the smallest bit.


But, if the ducts have leaks, the air pressure occurring inside the ventilation system would also drop. As a result, the HVAC system would end up trying to compensate for the change in the air pressure.


In the workplace, you might be unaware of any noticeable change in the workings of the systems from the machine alone.

However, you will see a noticeable difference in the bill, which is bound to be bigger as your HVAC system is using up more energy to maintain the same amount of airflow.


So, by creating a simple maintenance schedule with iChill Refrigeration could stop this problem from ever occurring at all. When we do a ventilation service, we are able to notice these problems in the ducts and rectify them. Our solutions are cost effective and done to a professional standard.


The longer you put off maintenance for your ventilation system, the longer it would take for you to see any problems in it. And when you do notice the problem, you might have already raked up quite a bill and would be raking up further with repair or even having to replace entire units.