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Commercial Refrigeration

iChill Refrigeration Ltd can provide you with a comprehensive service for all your refrigeration requirements. This includes, but not limited to, new installations, upgrades or extensions to existing equipment, variable speed drives, refrigerant retrofitting and full maintenance contracts.

The Value of Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Running a business comes with a plethora of responsibilities, constant stress, and the worry of it failing. Amidst all these, we tend to neglect one of the most important aspects – refrigeration maintenance. Problems with commercial refrigeration can put a serious dent in business due to the cost of repair and products lost.


As such, let’s take a look at why commercial refrigeration systems need to be maintained properly and the downside of not doing it. We’ll also walk you through the benefits you gain by getting a commercial refrigeration service done regularly.

The Results of Neglecting Maintenance

From the coolers on display to the walk-in-freezers in your business, all these commercial refrigeration solutions play a significant role in the operation of your business. When the refrigeration systems face the smallest of issues, the blow out from it can be fatal enough to cost you a small fortune. Not to mention, your customers would be deeply unsatisfied with your service.

Even if your commercial refrigeration installation has been done recently and you think it won’t have issues, you are greatly mistaken. The equipment goes through severe stress on a daily basis and works around the clock. So, it’s likely to face issues faster than most electrical equipment. Here’s the thing – you might think maintenance is an added expense. However, if you look at exactly how much you have to lose in case the refrigerator breaks down at the wrong moment, you might consider your stance.

Loss of Product

If your product is damaged, how much loss would you suffer? Calculate that. Add to that the fact that your freezer could be severely damaged too.

Health Inspection

Are you prepared for health inspections? If a health inspector were to show up, would you be able to let them check the commercial refrigerator without a worry? Are you certain the temperature of your equipment would be up to standard? If you get a bad grade from the health inspector, how long would it take your business to recover?

Loss of Customers

In the event of your equipment being down for an entire day, how much business would you be losing during that time? How many customers would be unsatisfied and probably never engage with your business again?

Cost of Energy

If the refrigerator systems weren’t operating at optimal levels, it would require more effort to do its job. As a result, more energy would be used. This is another unseen loss that keeps on occurring the longer you put off maintenance. 


The cost of service a company would charge you for repairing your commercial refrigerator, along with the replacement parts you would need would rack up a hefty bill.  Comparatively, a scheduled regular maintenance check would cost significantly less than repairing or replacing refrigeration units.

Unforeseen repairs and replacement of commercial refrigeration equipment will cause a massive spike in operating costs. And requiring emergency services in order to get your business back up and running as soon as possible can also be an additional cost.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Alternatively, regular scheduled maintenance comes with its benefits. The money you don’t spend is essentially what you save by making sure your refrigerator is well maintained. What are some of the benefits you could enjoy?

Safer Products

The reputation of your business would have to deal with so much damage if health inspection concludes that your products aren’t in the best condition. If someone actually falls sick because of it, that could end in a lawsuit and the possibility of losing your business altogether. Alternatively, if your products are safe, your customers would be happy and healthy and so would your business.

Longevity of Your Equipment

No matter what you think, one of the biggest investments you make in your business involves commercial refrigeration. You want the system to be up and running for a long, long time. If your equipment goes through regular scheduled maintenance, it is bound to have a longer life span. The longer life span your refrigerator has, the lesser the overall repair and replacement costs would be.

Maintaining Reliability

You know your commercial refrigeration systems are working at their best when they go through regular inspection, service and maintenance. The ease and efficiency with which it runs is an obvious giveaway. You are deterring some major breakdowns from occurring in the first place, and as a result, you know your products would be in supreme condition. The machines would also be using less electricity.


Maintenance also involves some cleaning when it comes to refrigeration service. By allowing regular maintenance, you would also be making sure the equipment goes through a thorough cleaning ritual. If it’s not done, there is a huge chance that bacteria and other pathogens could make your equipment their home. As a result, your products could become contaminated. Before you know it, several of your customers are complaining about being ill and concluding the source is your business.


Alternatively, clean equipment means fresh products. This type of forethought protects the reputation of your business and secures future earnings.

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