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Understanding Your HVAC

One hears the word HVAC a lot when they set out to buy an air conditioner or other such systems that are meant to maintain the temperature of their home. Yet, most people are not aware of what the acronym stands for. Well, HVAC means heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. As such, an HVAC system could mean anything from the residential air conditioning system you have, to the elaborate systems used in commercial buildings such as offices and shopping malls.


We can conclude that any and all cooling and heating systems you spot around you fall under HVAC. However, we usually opt for a heat pump or air conditioning system while looking for a way to regulate the temperature of our homes or to make sure the airflow in the office space is optimal. Let’s take a look at these two major parts of the HVAC system for now.


Heat Pumps have two different uses as opposed to an air conditioner. In a cold area, a heat pump would pull in the heat from wherever it can, and then direct that heat inside the room. When the purpose is to heat the room, it pretty much uses the same technique an air conditioner uses. The difference is that a cooling system would suck in the heat and release it outside the room. A heat pump, instead, takes in the heat and releases it inside the room.

One of the advantages of a heat pump installation is that it can do the job of cooling a room as well. The air flow is reversed, and the heat that the heat pump sucks is expelled outside instead of inside of a room. However, heat pumps are more effective and useful for people who need to heat their rooms. When compared to other heating systems, heat pumps have proven to be quicker and way more efficient. (Heat Pumps tend to be the most common form of air conditioning used in residential homes in New Zealand to heat and cool living spaces throughout the year.)


Air Conditioners are available for both residential and commercial purposes. There’s the regular residential air conditioner- mini split or a window one- that cools your regular household rooms, and is able to withstand  17.52 Kilowatts. The commercial ones, like central air conditioning systems, are equipped to handle an excessive amount, 70.34 Kilowatts at times. You can essentially divide air conditioning into two basic systems.

First, there’s the water cooled condenser. In this case, as you would have guessed from the name, water is used to provide cooling to the condenser. This means that this kind of air conditioning has to have a steady water supply. Generally, this type of air conditioning installation has to be done inside a building.

Then there’s the air cooled condenser. These are outdoor products, and use the air around us to cool the condenser. There is a fan inside the condenser which sources the cool air before sending it to the condenser coil. This is the more popular choice since it isn’t reliant on water. (Even though these units are available they are not a common feature in New Zealand homes, but tend to be used in the commercial market)

Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

This is the natural line of questioning after learning about these two systems. A heat pump might seem the better option simply because it’s capable of providing both heating and cooling. In reality, both systems have more appropriate uses depending on your situation.

Advantages Of A Heat Pump

A heat pump installation is a good idea if you have a heater and air conditioning system that you were planning on replacing around the same timeframe. Individually, a heat pump can be costlier than an Air conditioner or a heater. However, if you plan on buying both, a heat pump is clearly the less expensive option.


Moreover, a heat pump can also be handy if your residence doesn’t have a gas line, and you have always relied on an electric furnace. Compared to an electric furnace, you can certainly save up more with a heat pump. The electricity used by a heat pump is used to basically exchange hot air. As opposed to an electric furnace, where the air is directly heated by using electricity, an electric furnace clearly racks up more electrical consumption and the difference is huge.


If your option for heating your home is electricity, the heat pump wins over other heating systems any day.

Disadvantages Of A Heat Pump

You can get the best out of a heat pump and ensure that it is cost effective by taking into account the amount you pay for it when you are using it for both cooling and heating. This is when you actually need both kinds of room temperatures quite frequently. If you install a heat pump but you only need it to either cool the room or heat the room, buying it would mean spending unnecessarily.


If the weather is too cold, and we mean really cold, it might be hard for a heat pump to heat the room. When the temperature really drops, a heat pump might be hard pressed to find hot air from outside that it can blow inside the room. If you live in an area with relatively stable weather conditions, this might not bother you at all. If you live somewhere the weather conditions can be extreme, a heat pump might be useless.

If you have been looking to buy an air conditioner or heat pump recently, you might want to take a chance with iChill Refrigeration. Not only do we have an exceptionally modern system with a variety of models, but the systems are also energy-saving and cost-effective. The installation process is like a walk in the park with our units, but most importantly, we repair and maintain all cooling and heating systems. This means you have the option of getting all your HVAC problems solved from a single stop.

Well, feel free to drop by when you have decided what would most suit your comfort. There are also many other HVAC systems to choose from!

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